Why 2022 Should Be the Year You Start Weight Lifting

Let me tell you my personal story with weightlifting. When I first began as a personal trainer in 2015, I had one goal for all of my clients: Get sweaty. Sweat, it seemed, was the ultimate sign of an effective workout, and I needed my clients to feel like they

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The Morning Machine capsule coffee maker review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Cup detection Can save personal settings Pre-programmed recipes App and manual controlCons Doesn’t froth milk ExpensiveOur VerdictThe Morning Machine will shake things up for those who feel limited by the standard drinks from a capsule machine. However, it’s primarily tailored to black coffee – there’s

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Wedding Morning Ideas to Try With Your Bridal Party

There’s nothing quite like the day you get married. You’re bound to be a bundle of nerves and excitement as you prepare to start the next chapter of your life with your partner surrounded by all your friends and family. It’s a big day filled with lots of excitement. But

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A Personal Trainer’s Tips For Getting The Most from Your Workouts

I’m pretty good at fitting a workout into my routine. Whether it’s 10 minutes of pilates on my lunch break or a

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All the Frozen Pastas At Trader Joe’s, Ranked

Pasta always feels like a celebration to me. Perhaps it’s because I grew up spending summer vacations with an Italian

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How Can You Fix a ‘Bad Kisser’?

Remember when everyone said we’d remember our first kiss forever? Well, I wish I could forget it. See, I was

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