6 Ways to Feel More Toned By Tomorrow

As a holistic health coach, one of the questions (and text messages) I get most often is along the lines of, “OMG, I have a wedding/first date/big event this weekend. How can I get more toned ASAP?” While we should be playing the long game when it comes to our

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Why Are Milenials Having Less Sex?

The rise of dating and hook-up apps means that access to sex has never been easier—at least in theory. Although other singles are now never more than a right-swipe away, and sex positivity means that many of us feel more comfortable exploring our sexuality—research suggests that millennials are getting down

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What a Dry Spell Taught Me About Sex

I’m coming at this from the other side. Yes, friends: I just had sex. Sex is an interesting thing. When you’re having a lot of it, you don’t think about it too much. But when you’re not having it at all, it seems to be all you can think about. Every

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Tabata: The 4-Minute Workout That Everyone Should Do

Bored of your regular fitness routine or sick of hearing yourself explain that you don’t have time for a workout?

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How to Have Hot Sex—Even In Isolation

My first foray into cybersex happened the same way it happened for many people: Chatroulette. The site wanted to be

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